Workers Compensation

Our attorneys have decades of experience representing clients in workers’ compensation actions in Nebraska and Iowa.

The Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act was enacted in 1913 to protect the financial interests of workers in the event of a workplace injury. Subject to certain exceptions and defenses, the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act provides for the following benefits:

Disability Benefits: If a worker needs to be off work because of medical treatment or to heal from an injury, they might be owed a weekly lost wage benefit that is calculated based upon two-thirds of their average gross weekly wage. If the worker suffers from a partial loss of use of their whole body or a body part, they may be owed compensation based upon the extent of the loss and what part of the body is impaired. If the injury leaves a worker unable to work or they lose two of the same body part, such as both legs, they could be entitled to benefits for the remainder of their life.

Medical Expenses: If an employee has suffered a compensable work injury, medical expenses related to the work injury are covered.

Loss of Earning Power: If the injury leaves the worker unable to return to their job and they need to take a lower paying job, they might be entitled to benefits for the loss of earning power.

Vocational Rehabilitation: If the injury leaves the worker unable to return to their job, they could be eligible for training or education to qualify them for employment in a different occupation.

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